Horseshoe’s 7 Popular Slots

If there was a popularity contest in the slot world, Sex and the City would definitely be voted Ms. Popular.

If there’s anything fans love to do most when visiting the Horseshoe Southern Indiana, it’s hitting the slots. Sure, there are other things to do like eat at the Paula Deen Buffet or watch Bret Michaels in concert, and that’s all fun. But we’re all about the games at the Horseshoe.  In a very unofficial Facebook poll, we asked our fans to name their favorite slots. Here they are, in no particular order and no real commentary on the make up of the machines.

Hey, I’m a craps kinda girl, what else was I supposed to talk about?

1. Sex and the City

I’ve actually played and enjoyed this machine a lot. And Lady luck, eat your heart out. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte (and Mr. Big) are bringing sexy back to the slot machines. We love cute cartoons (hello Goldfish and Kitty Glitter) but all that pink and sparkle is hard to resist.

2. Tabasco

When it comes to slots, some like it hot. We’re not too sure what draws Horseshoe fans to this specific machine. Are they big lovers of the sauce? Is it the music? Does it satisfy all the spicy cravings without having to feel the burn?

3. Wizard of Oz

It might not be as sexy as Sex and the City, but the Oz crew –especially that Lion– is still pretty fierce. And c’mon, Dorothy with those ruby red slippers?  Don’t know about you, but I’ll take those over a pair of Manolos any day. They’re more comfortable.

4. Jackpot Party

Probably the best name for a slot machine. It’s got the two favorite things that Horseshoe Southern Indiana fans want when they visit: a jackpot and a party. Simple, fun, the allure of a winning a ton of money — ingredients for a popular slot machine!

5. Fireball Frenzy

We thought we covered the heat factor with the Tabasco slot machine. Fireball Frenzy definitely takes it up a notch. When I hear this name I think of fireballs flying around like crazy. Really risky people must like playing this one.

6. Sun and Moon

This sounds like a children’s book my mom used to read me. But it’s a pretty popular progressive with lots of Aztec inspired graphics. Aztecs were expert mathematicians in their day, makes sense there is a slot machine based on it.

7. Red Blazing 7s

It was this one or Sizzling 7s. It’s kind of redundant to post both, don’t you think? And it would throw the title of this blog off. Horseshoe’s 8 Popular Slots? Not as lucky sounding or very gaming-esque.

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